Meet Our Horses

Here at Winslow, our four-legged healers are indispensable. Without them our programs would fall apart. All of our horses have special stories and have been donated to us or are on free lease. These gentle giants love attention, have great ground manners and are very tolerant of their surroundings and our riders.

We are always looking for new herd members to join our program. For more information or to donate a horse, please visit our Donate a Horse page.


Apollo comes to Winslow after years of being a show horse. He competed in the Hunter/Jumper and Hunter Pacing categories under his show name Apollo Chariot. This statuesque bay Thoroughbred is 16.1 hands tall and was sired in 1998. Apollo has excellent ground manners and enjoys a good scratch on his neck with a curry comb. Apollo was donated by the McKenna Family.


Beau, sired in 1996 is a Quarter horse gelding. He may look chestnut but is actually considered a sorrel, that is basically when the mane and tail are the same color as the horse’s body. Chestnuts body are also typically darker then a sorrel. Beau is registered with the American Quarter Horse Association under his show name of Beaus Kat Man. Beau was previously a dressage and centered riding horse, all contributing to him having the smoothest gaits and the best rocking horse canter. He is truly a kind soul and is very patient and smart. Beau is proudly donated by Cricket Hill Farm, Inc.

Betty Boop

Because of Betty’s modest height of 14 hands, her mild temperament and her movement, she is a gem for our littlest riders at Winslow and she is often used in hippotherapy lessons. However, her quick stride makes her suitable for many different types of riders. Betty Boop is a dark bay Standardbred pony sired in 1996 and is double registered with the International Trotting and Pacing Association as well as the New York Trottingbred Registry under her formal name of Paceway’s Black Gem!


Just the other day a young rider asked, “Who’s the horse in the camouflage”? That’s Billy our dark bay Appaloosa/Thoroughbred mix. He stands 16.2 hands tall and was sired in 1994. Billy has a laid back easy going personality and takes direction really well. He loves being around people but has 2 close horse friends as well, Taz and Apollo. Billy was donated to us by Beth Sylvestri.


As Winslow’s “class clown,” you can always count on Bob for a good laugh. However, he is always ready to get serious and give a great lesson of all types, including lead line, independent and trail riding. He is a dark bay Welsh Cob/Thoroughbred mix standing 15.1 hands. He was sired in 1994 and given the show name Bucknell Gentlemen. Bob’s favorite past time is horsing around with his best friend Duke.



Cosmo has one of the smoothest gates here at Winslow. His movement and height, 15 hands, makes him the perfect therapeutic horse for some of our littlest riders. Our many school groups that come through our barn keep Cosmo busy almost every morning. Cosmo, sired in 1989, is a dark bay Paso Fino/Quarter Horse. He has 2 brands on him, one on his left hip and one on his left cheek.


Daisy joined our herd in early 2015 and settled into her new job as a therapeutic riding horse very quickly. She is a versatile horse who can switch from Western to English style easily. Because of her 14.3 hands height she is perfect for our smaller riders and she loves working with our kids at Winslow. Daisy is a liver chestnut Quarter Horse sired in 1999. When she’s not in programming you can find her hanging out with her BFF Lila.

The Dance

Sired in 2012, The Dance is a Grey Roan, Gypsy Vanner Mare, standing 14.2 hands. The Dance is special not only to Winslow, but our entire community who helped us place 2nd in a Facebook contest with Lexlin Ranch in Tennessee in 2017. Each year they graciously donate 10 Gypsy Vanners to PATH INTL premier accredited centers such as Winslow. Since coming to Winslow, The Dance has proved to be amazingly smart and a quick learner who is always eager to please. We are excited with her young age, making her a terrific therapy horse for many years to come. She loves attention, and her long mane, tail and feathers attract everyone to her that visits Winslow. We thank Lexlin tremendously for gifting us with such an amazing horse.


Duke came to Winslow in 2003 and has been an integral part of our therapy program ever since. Sired in 1984 he is one of our seniors and now gets plenty of rest time when he’s not teaching a beginner rider. He is a dun Quarter Horse and stands 15.1 hands. Duke is donated to Winslow by Dominic Capone.


When you meet Lila the first thing you may notice is her beautiful curly coat and mane, especially in the winter months. This is typical of her breed, a Bashkir curly. She is perfect to teach our school groups and individual riders how to groom because she is hypo-allergenic tested. She is a paint beauty standing 14.2 hands sired in 2008. Lila was donated to us by Deirdre Hamling.


Lucy is most known by our riders and visitors as the big horse with a white star and two white socks. Lucy is our tallest horse here at Winslow, standing 17 hands tall, and ironically best friends with Toni, our Shetland pony who is our smallest. You can often find Toni standing underneath her. Lucy is a Shire Thoroughbred cross black. She is a former fox hunter, pony club, and IEA horse at the college level. With her caring and nurturing personality, and her strong and sturdy build, she is a great candidate for a therapy horse. Lucy was donated to us by Noreen Gratzel and family.



Skunk is a Mustang, standing 15.1 hands, best known around Winslow for his coloring, black and white paint. He is a been there, done that, kind of guy. There is nothing he hasn’t done, and nothing he can’t do. From the moment Skunk stepped on our property, he has been an integral part of our program in many different aspects. He is Winslow’s ambassador so to say, visiting local schools and doing demonstrations in front of large crowds seemingly unfazed by all of the attention. We are very lucky to have him here with us. When he isn’t in the spotlight, he enjoys eating and hanging with his best friend Apollo. Skunk, sired in 1999, was graciously donated to us by the Peritz family.

Slip n Slide

Slip and Slide is a 16 hand bay Standardbred. Around here we just call him “Slippy”. Slippy came to us in June of 2015, quickly transitioning into our program because of his work ethic and strong desire to please. Slippy was sired in 2000 in Australia and his favorite treat is oatmeal crème pies! Slippy is on free lease to Winslow from Denelle Stratton.


Our 16.1 bay and white Paint Cross horse named Taz is an outdoorsy kind of guy. He loves to be out on the trails. Still, he is able to excel at any type of lesson we throw at him. Taz, sired in 1988, belongs to one of instructors Joyce DeGhetto. When he is not working, he loves to eat and spend time with his pals Billy and Apollo.

Toni the Pony

Our Mini Shetland Pony, standing 9 hands and about 250 lbs, is the smallest member of our herd. Toni makes up for her small size through her larger than life personality and sass. She is often found inside the barn, sticking her head out of the feeding square or being painted by our Summer Adventures youth throughout the summer. She is our favorite for teaching our smallest riders how to lead and also enjoys walking and being led by our riders in wheelchairs too. Her best friend is Lucy, Winslow’s tallest horse. Toni was donated to us by our Executive Director Sue Ferro and Family.


Truman is a black Hanoverian, sired in 1995, and stands 16.1 hands tall. When you come by you will know him by the perfect heart-shaped star on his face. Truman is a jack of all trades and a master of them to. Because of his career as a former jumper, not much bothers him. His tall and sturdy build and rhythmic movement makes him a great candidate for our program. Truman was donated to us by Leslie Ward.


Yars is a black Friesian gelding, standing 16 hands tall. He is registered with the United States Equitation Federation, under the show name Jarich Fan T Alddjip. His background in dressage makes his gaits very rhythmic, perfect for our therapeutic riding clients. There is no denying why Yars is a favorite amongst our riders, with his classic Friesian traits of a short back, high neck, making it easy to show off his flashy and showy movements. Friesians are a cross between a draft breed, but built more like a light riding horse, while most are black which is distinct to the breed, like Yars, not all are. Yars, sired in 2003, was donated to us by the Gruber family.


If you hear something rattling it’s probably our inquisitive Zoro playing with lead ropes, bridles, jackets or anything that hangs by his stall. He was born blind in his left eye but that doesn’t slow him down one bit. As a matter of fact, this 16 hand grey Thoroughbred used to be a race horse in Canada. Sired in 2002, we look forward to many years ahead with this smart and expressive guy. Zorro is on free lease to Winslow by Nancy Stillman.

Gone from our herd, but never from our heart

Affectionately known as “Mama” because of her kind and nurturing demander, Tara, our 15.3 hand Warmblood/Draft Cross did it all around here. For 10+ years, Tara, an exceptional therapy horse, gave countless hours of service to our riders. In December 2016, Tara went to her retirement home as a companion horse. She is missed at Winslow!

Neil, a 14.1 hand dun Norwegian Fjord will always be a staple here at Winslow. Over his 15+ years of service to our riders, Neil made himself truly irreplaceable, a remarkable therapy horse. We would like to thank the Ashe family for sharing Neil with us to help touch the lives of thousands. He was the best ambassador of a therapy horse and had a larger than life personality. He was one of a kind to all that knew him and always put a smile on his riders face. He will truly be missed.

Thank you to Gracie for all that you have done for our riders. Your impact is immeasurable and deeply appreciated.

Deacon had returned to his Owner. He was a fantastic addition to our herd and we will greatly miss his handsome face and significant contributions.