“Sponsor” a Therapy Horse, and help bring a smile to a child’s face!
At Winslow Therapeutic Center, we are committed to offering the finest quality therapeutic riding services to people of any age and ability. Many children and adults in our community have discovered the joy and healing that takes place in our very special environment. We attempt to offer our programs to anyone showing an interest or need, and wherever possible, we do so regardless of that rider’s ability.
As a not-for-profit organization, we rely heavily on your support to help us maintain our “staff” of horses. Your involvement in the Sponsor a Horse program can help us achieve our goals and brighten the lives of the people we serve.
How does this program work?
You can “sponsor” the horse of your choice for one year, covering complete care, or some portion of that horse’s expenses. Payment arrangements may be made monthly, quarterly and annually.
Please make a donation to help defray the cost of our team of therapy horses. We will send you updates on “your horse”, and you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are helping our unique program. All funds donated to the “Sponsor a Horse Program” are restricted and go directly to horse care.

Contact Winslow for the complete details and Sponsor a Horse Today!
(845) 986-6686 – info@winslow.org

Complete Care for One Year (includes feed, farrier, vet/health maintenance) – $2,000
Feed (one year supply) – $800
Farrier (costs for one year) – $400
Veterinary Fees (maintenance for one year) – $300