Welcome to Virtual Winslow!

Virtual Winslow is our way of staying connected to all of our supporters! Join us in one of our exciting and educational virtual programs or events. Learn something new or keep your skills sharp! Topics will vary based on the program/event but will include learning experiences with the animals, equine-related education and knowledge, helpful resources, information about Winslow and what we do, and much more! Gain experience navigating the virtual world in a safe, family-friendly social setting. Join us today!

Virtual Experiences

Winslow Wednesday
For Everyone, Everywhere
Join our PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors every Wednesday at 3pm for a virtual group lesson! Each week we present a new topic. Strengthen your skills with unmounted horsemanship skills to complement your riding skills, and lessons on mounted skills as well. All participants will receive a post-lesson email with more educational information about the topic covered in each lesson! Admission to this virtual experience is considered a donation to Winslow.

Winslow and You!
For Everyone, Everywhere!
Like us Facebook to take a virtual exploration of Winslow with one of our PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors! Keep your eye out in your Facebook newsfeed for when it says “Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center is now live!” and join us as we explore the sensory trail, take a walk with one of our horses, check-in with our furry and feathered Winslow family, or take a walk through our facility. Visit https://www.facebook.com/winslowtherapeuticriding/ to like our page today!

We Are Winslow
For Everyone, Everywhere!
Join one of our PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors for a virtual open house and learn about our programs, animals, and what we do here at Winslow! We’d love to share with you why we do what we do, and explain how we encourage independence and a healthy lifestyle through equine therapy.

Private Virtual Lessons
For Current Winslow Participants Only
Sign up for private equine-assisted 30-minute virtual lessons with one of Winslow’s PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors! Unmounted horsemanship skills strengthen rider’s understanding of their equine partner and help develop independence in their experience with horses. All lessons will be tailored to the goals of each individual participant. Continue your work towards becoming a better rider, by learning unmounted horsemanship skills! Call (845) 986-6686 to schedule.

Winslow Walks
For Current Winslow Participants Only
Sign up for private 15-minute walk with one of Winslow’s PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors. Visit our animals, watch feeding time, or enjoy a walk on our sensory trail! It’s your time! Just let us know! To schedule yours, call our office at (845) 986-6686. Winslow requests a minimum of a $10 donation per walk; you can make your donation by clicking on the DONATE button above!

Choose Your Date & Register!

Winslow Wednesday! Horse Care & Nutrition!


“Scott really liked the horse leading lesson! Looking forward to the next one!”
– Rebecca S.

Virtual Adult Day Program
For Adults with Daily Challenges
Winslow’s Adult Day Program offers a place for participants to come and experience a variety of activities each weekday at our facility that will enhance their quality of life and provide them a therapeutic outlet. Currently our program has transitioned to a virtual platform as the facility is temporarily closed to the public due to the current worldwide situation. This transition has proven to be a great success.

Participants still enjoy the same activities while learning about virtual social skills and how to use technology as an alternate communication tool. Through therapeutic equine and animal activities such as learning unmounted horsemanship skills and caring for our goats and chickens, participants learn about the importance of building a bond with their animals which helps to build sequencing skills, learn to care for others, and development of verbal and non-verbal skills. Daily participation also includes activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle including cooking classes, gardening, as well as light exercise, meditation, journaling, and positive thoughts to help cope with the stress of staying indoors all day. Call (845) 986-6686 to speak with Rebecca or Linda, or email Rebecca at rebecca@winslow.org to discuss availability and registration. Click HERE for more information regarding the format of this program for when our facility returns to full operations.

Pinterest Learning Resources
Access learning resources such as homeschooling, schooling with challenges, crafting and activities, and more.

Winslow YouTube
Access videos that will challenge your knowledge, entertain you, teach you something you never knew, and more!

Orange County Dept. of Health
Access information regarding the current worldwide situation and stay up-to-date with its affects on the Hudson Valley region.