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Emeritus - Virginia G. Mazza    email
Masters in Education, Syracuse University.
Special Education Teacher for 25 years.
Jini was a Founding member of Winslow and a past member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director. She has been instrumental in the development and growth of Winslow's programming, including seminars, trainings and the fundraisers done each year. Under Jini's direction, Winslow has become an internationally known leader in the field of Therapeutic Riding and Equine Assisted Therapy. She is a Special Olympic Equestrian Judge, the past chair of NARHA Region 2, a member of CAN (Competition Association of NARHA) and Lead Visitor for the NARHA on-site Riding Program Accreditation Process. Jini is retired since early 2004, but continues to serve Winslow as a consultant and grant writer.

Sue Ferro- Executive Director   email

Marketing & Public Relations    email

Jen Caffrey - Barn Manager    email

Cathe LaPenna - Volunteer Coordinator and Scheduling    email

Martha Underwood - Project Coordinator email

Physical and Occupational Therapists:
Our therapists are independent contractors, who are trained in Hippotherapy by the American Hippotherapy Association.

Marilyn Jones, PT, MS

NARHA Certified Riding Instructors:

Joyce DeGhetto

Cathe LaPenna

Jackie Lowenfels

Ellen McNamara

Linda Mills

Martha Underwood


Honorary Members
Hon. F. Dana Winslow
Hon. Catherine M. Bartlett
(Not involved in fund raising or solicitation)

President Leo Kaytes
Vice President John Buckley 
Secretary Janet A. Sommer  
Treasurer Michael Kennedy

Members of the Board
Wayne Corts
Roger Gibonni
Marcia Jacobowitz
Alan Lipman Esq.
Edward Lynch
Jonah Mandelbaum
Louis Marquet
M. Vincent Mezzetti
Thomas Nash
Janice Spencer
Sally Wiley
Emily Zarow

Emeritus Executive Director and Senior Grant Writer
Virginia G. Mazza

Our horses are so important to us and the children!

They even get letters  >>  Duke  Orion  Dot  Tara
Mr. Henry's Class Letter

You can help support them through our Sponsor-a-Horse program.

Betty - Standard Bred Pony
Foaled: 1996 Height: 12.1 hh Weight: 974 lbs
Available for Sponsorship    Download flyer
Betty: ?Betty Boop? came to us from a family with young children who outgrew her. She is adorable, quiet, even tempered and sweet. Betty enjoys working with young children in our Hippotheraphy programs.
Billy- Appaloosa Thoroughbred Gelding
Foaled: 1994 Height: 16.3 hh Weight: 1174 lbs Markings: White Blaze
Available for Sponsorship    Download flyer
Billy: Billy is a great lesson and school horse and he is really fun to ride. Donated by Beth Sylvestri.
Cosmo - Quarter Horse Paso Fino
Foaled: 1988 Height: 15 hh Weight: 902 lbs Markings: white snips
Download flyer
Cosmo: Cosmo is a Mexican ranch horse. He is great for little girls and boys to ride. Cosmo Is steady on trails, very sweet, sometimes lazy, and very comfortable to ride. Donated by Henry Renella. Sponsored by Samantha McCrimmon.
Shannon?s Tara - Bay Warmblood Cross Mare
Foaled: 1989 Height: 15.2 hh Weight: 1142 lbs Markings: white star, Two white hind socks
Sponsored by Ellen Angerome    Download flyer
Shannon?s Tara: Also known as Tara, is a wonderful gal. She is has a very comfortable stride and a wonderful temperament. If you?ve never ridden before, she?s perfect for you. She was donated by Heidi White.
Lilly - Quarter Horse Mare
Download flyer
Foaled: unknown Pounds Height: 15.1 hh
Markings:none Weight: 900
Our staff could not believe their eyes, when Lilly came to Winslow just a few weeks ago - a pure black Quarter Horse; such a rare sight! She is a curious gentle horse that likes to explore her surroundings and is very friendly with her pals, both 2 and 4 legged. Lilly is a wonderful addition to our horse staff, and just the right size for everybody. Sponsored by Rick Rackow.
Duke - Quarter Horse
SPONSOR ME!!!!!!!!!   Download flyer
Foaled: 1986 Height: 15 hh
Markings: blaze, three white stockings, 1/3 blue eye, dorsal stripe Weight: 1000 Pounds
A handsome Quarter Horse, with one almost blue eye! He is so intelligent and is a favorite with our riders. He was donated to Winslow by Dominic Capone.
Letter from Lewis
Neil - Norwegian Fjord Gelding
SPONSOR ME!!!!!!!!!
  Download flyer
Foaled: 1982 Height: 14.1 hh
Markings: Dorsal Stripe Weight: 1000 Pounds
What can we say about Neil that could possibly describe how wonderful he is! He is a Norwegian Fjord with a glorious mane that stands up on end! He is round and cuddly, with a happy and "smiling" disposition. A huge favorite with anyone who comes through the barn. Don't even think about it - he does NOT fit into your pocketbook or rucksack. Neil is on loan to Winslow from Jan Ashe.
Orion - Belgian Gelding
Download flyer
Foaled: 1992 Height: 16.3 hh
Markings: blaze, 4 white stockings Weight: 1350 Pounds
He is extremely handsome, and his new career seems to suit him well. He loves people and attention, and is already an important part of our programs.
He was purchased through a grant from "Special Quest". Sponsored by Chris Landers.
Letter from Angie



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