Instructor Training


Includes assistance through the certification process, mentored teaching hours, including lesson plan guidelines, teaching feedback, and much, much more. Please contact Stacy Lenz   EMAIL:

Therapeutic Horseback Riding now has solid research behind the obvious successes that riding instructors and parents have known. Become a professional in this exciting field. There are job openings across the country!

This Instructor Training course will prepare the candidate for certification as a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.)  Registered Instructor.

The educational portion of the course runs for 8 weeks, meeting once a week for three hours of instruction, both in the classroom and in the riding arena. Coursework will cover a full range of topics required for certification: cognitive and physical disabilities, sensory integration, autism, the therapy horse, safe handling of horses, riders and volunteers, how to write a lesson plan and teach an effective lesson, ethics and professional standards, and adaptive equipment.

Once the eight week course is completed, candidates are able to work towards fulfilling the required 25 mentored group teaching hours under a current PATH Intl. instructor. Instructors in training will work with a PATH Intl. registered instructor to set goals and create lesson plans for a group of Winslow riders. As your skills grow and develop, you will take on more and more responsibility for teaching the group, working with volunteers, and handling the horses.

Course Prerequisite: Candidate must be a current PATH, Intl. member. ( )

About this Winslow Course: Winslow asks each candidate to volunteer for 25 hours prior to, and in addition to, the 25 mentored teaching hours. This will give the candidate an opportunity to participate in and observe lessons in a low pressure situation prior to teaching. The mentored teaching hours include feedback and suggestions for teaching the best group lessons possible.

Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center has successfully trained many instructor candidates who have gone on to become extraordinary therapeutic riding instructors. Winslow instructors and staff will work with both the group and each participant to prepare them for the 4 day On-Site Certification and Workshop (OSWC). However, this course does not guarantee passing the teaching or the riding portion of the certification.

In a Group of 3 or more: $450

On an Individual basis: $550

Please Note – Winslow requires all participants to take a riding assessment prior to signing up for the training. This helps ensure that participants have the necessary qualifications for successful completion of the PATH Intl. certification.