Winslow Staff

Founders of Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center

Virginia G. Mazza
Masters in Education, Syracuse University. Special Education Teacher for 25 years. Jini was a Founding member of Winslow and a past member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director. She has been instrumental in the development and growth of Winslow’s programming, including seminars, trainings and the fundraisers done each year. Under Jini’s direction, Winslow has become an internationally known leader in the field of Therapeutic Riding and Equine Assisted Therapy.

She is a Special Olympic Equestrian Judge, the past chair of *NARHA Region 2, a member of CAN (Competition Association of *NARHA) and Lead Visitor for the *NARHA on-site Riding Program Accreditation Process. Jini is retired since early 2004, but continues to serve Winslow as a consultant and grant writer. (*NARHA is now – Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International ~ PATH Intl.) EMAIL:

Virginia H. Martin, 1931- 2008
Ms. Martin had been the President and Chief Instructor of Borderland Farm since 1962. She was a past President of the Eastern States Dressage & martinCombined Training Association and an honorary lifetime member of the Windy Hollow Hunt.

Ms. Martin was a graduate of Skidmore College, who started a film production company in the 1950s. She put that background to use with the production of the films, Saddle Pals and Challenged Equestrians. Both were innovative documentaries about therapeutic riding, a field she helped pioneer. She was instrumental in creating Winslow Therapeutic Riding in the early seventies. Ms. Martin was a former program inspector for the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, receiving the James Brady Professional Achievement Award for her lifetime of accomplishments in the field. This includes organizing the first regional equestrian competition for the disabled and demonstrations at the National Horse Show, coaching riders at international competitions, giving clinics and presentations on therapeutic riding at locations throughout the world.

Sue Ferro, Executive Director, EMAIL:

Priscilla OrrFinancial Consultant, Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center and CLC Foundation, EMAIL:

Janet VictorAdministrative Assistant, EMAIL:

Stacy Lenz,  Head Riding Instructor, PATH Intl. Advanced Certified Riding Instructor, EMAIL:

Eileen Deehan, Volunteer Coordinator, PATH Intl. Registered Instructor, EMAIL:

Susanna Kugler, Equine/Grounds Care Coordinator, PATH Intl. Registered Instructor, EMAIL:

PATH Intl. Advanced Riding Instructors

Stacy Lenz ~ Cathe Struble

PATH Intl. Registered Riding Instructors

Carolyn Beisiegel ~ Eileen Deehan (Eagala Equine Specialist) ~ Joyce DeGhetto ~ Alisa Fox ~ Susanna Kugler ~ Kim Longo ~ Linda Mills

Riding Instructors

Judy Lalley

Classroom Instructors/Assistants and Barn Assistants

Jillian Ferro ~ Donnette Hill-Walto ~ Karen Reynolds

Adult Day Program Specialists

Rebecca Bonomo ~ Linda Mills (PATH Intl. Registered Riding Instructor)

Equine Care & Grounds Specialists

Justin Endrikat ~ Eloy Torreblanca

Board of Directors

Roger Cooper, Chairman

Linda Sampson, Vice Chairman

George Moskowitz, CPA, Treasurer

Matthew Persanis, Esq., Secretary

Leo Kaytes, Director

Stan Martin, Director

Jack Minoff, Esq., Director

Levan Natalishvili, Esq., Director

John Signorelli, Director

Hon. Dana Winslow, Director