Winslow Staff

Winslow offers a variety of programs at our facility and therefore requires the assistance of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds. Because of this diversity, Winslow’s team is unique and experienced. Adaptive Riding Instructors are certified as Therapeutic Riding Instructors by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, Intl. (PATH Intl.) and many of them also hold additional certifications both from PATH Intl. and other industry credentialing bodies. All of our instructors bring years of experience to our programs and are able to help our program participants meet their goals both in horsemanship and life! Our administrative staff boasts of number of individuals who bring knowledge from different professional backgrounds to work as a team and ensure the efficient operation of our facility. Equine and grounds team members have experience in equine care and handling, as well as a background in maintaining the successful operation of our stable and grounds. We are so grateful for all the staff we have here at Winslow and are so proud of our diversified team.

Susan Ferro

Executive Director

Nikki Ferro

Associate Executive Director

Stacy Lenz

Program Director / Advanced Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Janet Victor

Office Manager / Bookkeeper

Vicki Wolf

Administrative Assistant

Elissa Velez

Volunteer Coordinator

Rebecca Bonomo

Adult Day Program Specialist

Linda Mills

Adult Day Program Instructor / Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Dawn Riker

Adult Day Program Instructor

Alisa Fox

Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor / Certified Driving Instructor Level 1

Renee Bond

Riding Instructor

Cathe Struble

Advanced Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Caroline Patterson

Programming Educator

Jenna Stapp

Barn Manager / Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Molly Dudek

Barn Assistant / Riding Instructor

MJ Lancer (& Sarah)

Reception / Barn Assistant

Kevin Williams

Grounds Specialist

Justin Endrikat

Equine & Grounds Specialist

Board of Directors

Roger Cooper, Chairman

Matthew Persanis, Esq., Secretary

Leo Kaytes, Sr., Director

Linda Sampson, Esq., Vice-Chairperson

Jack Minoff, Esq., Director

Stan Martin, Director

Jerry Moskowitz, CPA, Treasurer

Levan Natalishvili, Esq., Director

John Signorelli, Director