Our Herd

Here at Winslow, our four-legged healers are indispensable. Without them our programs would fall apart. All of our horses have special stories and have been donated to us or are on free lease. These gentle giants love attention, have great ground manners and are very tolerant of their surroundings and our riders.

We are always looking for new herd members to join our program. For more information or to donate a horse, please click HERE.


Registered Name: Apollo’s Chariot
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Bay
Sired In: 1998
Height: 16.1 hands
Previous Careers: hunter/jumper, hunter pacing
Donated By: Mckenna Family
What we Love: Apollo comes to Winslow after years of being a show horse. Apollo enjoys a good scratch on his neck with a curry comb and is the most loveable guy ever.


Breed: Belgian Draft
Color:  Flaxen Chestnut
Sired In: 2009
Height: 16.3 hands
What we Love:  Benny is known for his droppy lower lip that bounces when he trots and his tiny gray heart-shaped mark on his muzzle that Buddy also had.  Benny loves to do his job and will help you get the bridle on before he attempts to let himself out of his stall.  A gentle giant, Benny’s riders come in all sizes from small child to grown adult, and he’s exceptionally proud of being able to stop at “the drop of a woah”.

Betty Boop

Registered Name: Paceway’s Black Gem
Breed: Standardbred Pony
Color: Dark Bay
Sired In: 1996
Height: 13.3 hands
What we Love: Because of Betty’s modest height, her mild temperament and her movement, she is perfect for our littlest riders and she is often used in hippotherapy lessons. However, her quick stride makes her suitable for many different types of riders. Did you know? Betty Boop is double registered with the International Trotting and Pacing Association as well as the New York Trottingbred Registry.


Breed: Quarterhorse
Color: Bay
Sired In: 1995
Height: 14.2 hands
Previous Careers: He was a lesson horse at a stable in Rockland County and taught for most of his life.
What we Love:  Brownie is best known for his quirky behavior which includes his flapping lip which gives everyone a giggle!  Our Barn Manager calls Brownie “a grandpa”, as he’s an older fella who takes care of his riders.  Brownie was a hit at his first Winslow public event…. everyone at Applefest 2023 wanted to ride him and he had his own little rotating fan club around his pen right up until he got on the trailer to come home.


Given Name: Charmin
Breed: Shetland Pony
Color: Flaxen Chestnut
Sired In: 2007
Height: — hands
Previous Career: cart driving
What we Love: This little mare knows her name VERY well…especially when it is time to eat! Watching her canter over to the feed pan is one of the cutest things we’ve seen around here. She has a fantastic, out-going personality and she loves people. Of course her best friend is Toni the Pony. She is trained for mounted riders and also to pull carriages (also known as driving). Our smaller riders love her and think it’s so entertaining when she trots – you will ALWAYS see them giggling away with the biggest smile as they balance themselves in their saddle.


Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Liver Chestnut
Sired In: 1999
Height: 14.3 hands
What we Love: Daisy was a barrel racer before she came to Winslow and loves to win any competition in the arena…. including Red Light/Green Light.  She is a versatile horse who can switch from Western to English style easily. Because of her smaller stature, she is perfect for our smaller riders and she loves working with our kids at Winslow. When she’s not in programming you can find her hanging out with her BFF Lila.


Given Name: The Dance
Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Color: Grey
Sired In: 2012
Height: 15.1 hands
What we Love: Dance is special not only to Winslow, but our entire community who helped us place 2nd in a Facebook contest with Lexlin Ranch in Tennessee in 2017. Each year they graciously donate ten Gypsy Vanners to PATH Intl. premier accredited centers such as Winslow. Since coming to Winslow, Dance has proved to be amazingly smart and a quick learner who is always eager to please. She loves attention, and her long mane, tail and feathers attract everyone to her that visits Winslow. We thank Lexlin tremendously for gifting us with such an amazing horse.


Breed:  Jerusalem Donkey
Color: Grey with the cross marking on his back
Sired In: 2005
Height: 9.1 hands
Previous Careers: Worked in a petting zoo
Donated By: Cooper Boone (with Faith)
What we Love:  Eeyore is known for his lap dog personality and braying randomly throughout the day.  He has made friends with the goats and lives with them to help maintain his figure, as he gains weight easily.  He loves cuddle time and is VERY happy to participate in unmounted activities with school age children.


Breed: Miniature Donkey
Color:  Gray and white paint
Sired In:  2013
Height: 8.1 hands
Arrived: April 2023
Donated By: Cooper Boone (with Eeyore)
What we Love: Faith was rescued by Cooper Boone from a bad situation and she has been a companion to horses ever since.  She is often seen working with our Adult Day Program or for unmounted lessons.  Known for her shy demeanor, once she warms up to you she will always be  your friend!


Breed: Belgian Draft
Color: Flaxen Chestnut
Sired In: 2003
Height: 17.2 hands
Previous Careers:  Harry was an Amish cart horse, hence why he has a bald spot on his nose
What we Love:  Prince Harry was adopted from Iron Horse Sanctuary in Goshen, NY and fit in at Winslow perfectly!  He adores children and they are always impressed by his size.  He loves his herdmates: Yars, Sporty and Skunk.   Impressively, he is very quick and maneuverable for such a large horse, especially when playing with his friends in the paddocks.


Breed: Quarter horse / Appaloosa cross
Color: Red Dun
Sired In: 2008
Height: 15.3 hands
Previous Careers:  Hermes came from the Amish and seems to have been a young man’s horse
Leased By: the Latsos Family
What we Love:  The first thing that everyone notices is Hermes’ one blue eye and one brown eye.  He’s the life of the party and gets along with every horse that he meets, yet Hermes is quiet and unflappable when working.   He will eat any food you give him and he LOVES being the test-tasting horse when it’s a treat making day!


Breed: Paint
Color:  Red and white paint
Sired In: 2005
Height: 15.2 hands
Previous Careers:  Leroy belonged to a family that liked trail rides
Arrived: August 2023
What we Love: Leroy is very sweet and loves the corner stall so he can say “hello” to everyone who enters the barn!  He fit right in with Apollo’s herd, as he too is an older geding.  Since arriving, he has overcome his fear of drain grates and has made himself at home.  Leroy is best known for being an old soul.


Breed: Bashkir Curly
Color: Bay Paint
Sired In: 2008
Height: 14.2 hands
Donated By: Deidre Hamling
What we Love: When you meet Lila the first thing you may notice is her beautiful curly coat and mane in the winter months; this is typical of her breed, a Bashkir curly. If you come back 6 months later, her coat is smooth!  She is perfect to teach our school groups and individual riders how to groom because she is hypo-allergenic tested.


Given Name: Omnivore
Color: Chestnut
Sired In: 1997
Height: 15 hands
Previous Careers: thoroughbred racing, fox hunter, pony club
Leased from: Wiley Family
What we Love: Omni has quickly become loved by all who meet him. With one of the most cuddliest and kindest personalities you will ever meet, he melts your heart instantly. He is great for learning the basics or advancing your skills, and he loves to please!


Breed: Quarter Pony
Color: Palomino
Sired In: 2010
Height: 13.2 hands
Arrived: September 2023
What we Love:  Pretty Peach loves to be ridden!  She loves children and doing her job as their riding partner.  Peach arrived with her friend and look-alike, Zazu, from Rising Starr Horse Rescue in CT.  She looks very much like Zazu but her color is a little lighter.  She may be a little sassy, but it’s part of her irresistable charm!


Breed: Crossbred
Color: Bay
Sired In: —-
Height: 16.1 hands
What we Love: Rose came to us at the beginning of 2020. Her stunning beauty has captured everyone’s eye.  An excellent choice for our more advanced riders, she has done a fantastic job working her way into our youth programs during 2023.   Rose has been a patient and nurturing horse for lead line lessons with young riders.


Breed:  Haflinger Pony
Color:  Flaxen Chestnut
Sired In:  1998
Height: 13.3 hands
Previous Careers:  Roy came from a farm where he was a riding pony for children and he pulled carts
Donated By: The Bellvale Bruderhof Community
What we Love:  If Benny and Betty had a child, you would have Roy!  He is such a sweet guy and absolutely loves children.  Roy is definitely a fan favorite all the way around!  He is blind in one eye, but that doesn’t affect his work in any way.  In fact, if he’s in the barn he will be the first to pop his head out to see who is coming.  Roy is often seen wearing braids and sporting a trace clip because he gets quite warm from all of his hair.


Breed: American Mustang
Color: Paint
Sired In: 1996
Height: 15.1 hands
Donated By: Peritz Family
What we Love: He is a been there, done that, kind of guy. There is nothing he hasn’t done, and nothing he can’t do. From the moment Skunk stepped on our property, he has been an integral part of our program in many different aspects. He is Winslow’s ambassador so to say, visiting local schools and doing demonstrations in front of large crowds seemingly unfazed by all of the attention.  Everybody, and we mean EVERYBODY, loves Skunk.


Registered Name: Slip n Slide
Breed: Standardbred
Color: Bay
Sired In: 2000
Height: 16.1 hands
Previous Careers: jumper, standardbred racing
Donated by: Danielle Stratton
What we Love: Around Winslow, we refer to Slip n Slide as “Slippy”. He has a strong work ethic and a desire to please.  Riders love the little skip he does as he begins to trot.  Believe it or not, Slippy was sired in Australia! Oh, and he loves oatmeal crème pies.


Breed: Quarterhorse
Color: Flea-bitten gray
Sired In: 2001
Height: 15 hands

What we Love: Sporty is very affectionate and will follow you anywhere.  He enjoys attention from everyone and anyone, but he will get to work when it’s time to do his job.  Our staff is known to call him Sporty Spice Quinoa, a nickname given to him on his way home to Winslow.


Breed: Percheron
Color: Black with white star
Sired In: 2000
Height: 16 hands
Arrived At Winslow: October 2023
What we Love: Sweetheart got her name when our barn manager picked her up to come home from an auction. The gentleman in charge called her “sweetheart” while loading her onto the trailer and the name just stuck. It perfectly matches her personality. She is very brave, willing to please and just  so super sweet.  Sweetheart is still learning her job, but she already fits in great here at Winslow.

Toni the Pony

Breed: Mini Shetland Pony
Color: Buckskin
Sired In: 1992
Height: 9 hands
Donated By: Ferro Family
What we Love: Toni makes up for her small size through her larger than life personality and sass. She is often found inside the barn, sticking her head out of the feeding square or being painted by our Summer Adventures youth throughout the summer. She is our favorite for teaching our smallest riders how to lead and also enjoys walking and being led by our riders in wheelchairs too.


Show Name: Jarich Fan T Alddjip
Breed: Fresian
Color: Black
Sired In: 2003
Height: 16 hands
Previous Career: dressage
Donated By: Gruber Family
What we Love: His background in dressage makes his gaits very rhythmic, perfect for our therapeutic riding clients. There is no denying why Yars is a favorite amongst our riders, with his classic Friesian traits of a short back, high neck, making it easy to show off his flashy and showy movements. He is registered with the United States Equitation Federation.


Name:  Zazu
Breed: Quarter Pony
Color:  Palomino
Sired In: 2002
Height: 13.1 hands
Previous Careers: Summer Camp lesson pony
Came From: Zazu came to us with Peach from the Rising Starr Rescue in CT
What we Love:  Zazu absolutely loves being a lesson pony.  He has a very sweet disposition and loves his paddockmates, Leroy and Apollo.  From the first day that Zazu arrived, he and Apollo were intregued with each other and became best friends.  HIS favorite thing is to roll and if he’s itchy or wet, he will roll around until his heart is content.

Previous Champion Therapy Horses


At the beginning of 2020, Winslow retired Taz our beloved 16.3 hands Paint Draft Cross, from programming at the age of 32. He was one of our most dependable and loving horses, and helped so many overcome their fear of horses. He cared for each of his riders as if they porcelain dolls. Taz is most certainly an irreplaceable member of Winslow’s herd.


Cosmo was a Paso Fino Quarter Horse with many talents, and who lived to the old age of 31 years! Although he is no longer with us, Winslow would like to recognize Cosmo for the amazing work that he performed as a therapy horse for our program. He was an integral part of the success of many of our clients throughout his years with us on Earth. We miss him every day and the impact that he made on so many hearts and souls.


Billy was a Appaloosa/TB cross who was 26 years old when he passed. He was best friends with Duke, Cosmo, and Bob. Everyone loved Billy for his tall stature and loving personality. Although he is no longer with us, Winslow would like to recognize Billy for the amazing work that he performed as a therapy horse in our programs. He was an integral part of the success of many of our clients throughout his years with us on Earth. We miss him every day and the impact that he made on so many hearts and souls.


Duke was a Quarter Horse who lived a long life of 36 years and changed so many lives in that time! Although he is no longer with us, Winslow would like to recognize Duke for the amazing work that he performed as a therapy horse in our programs. He was an integral part of the success of many of our clients throughout his years with us on Earth. We miss him every day and the impact that he made on so many hearts and souls.


Although he is no longer with us, Winslow would like to recognize our dear, Norwegian Fjord, Neil. He was an integral part of the success of many of our clients throughout his years with us on Earth. We miss him every day and the impact that he made on so many hearts and souls.


Lucy recently passed away on October 8th, 2020. She was a 17.1 hands Shire Thoroughbred who was extremely loved at Winslow. She had the sweetest of hearts and the most beautiful and soft eyes. Lucy helped individuals overcome their fear of large horses with her gentle soul and sweet disposition. She gave love as much as she received it and for that we are forever grateful for her dedication to our programs.


Bob, a Thoroughbred/Welch Cobb Cross, was born in 1994. The Tadrick Family donated him to Winslow in 2002, where he spent 20 years as a steady, go-to guy who our instructors could always count on to help them successfully teach the basics. He was a great “first horse” to many of our clients. Nicknamed “Bouncy Bob”, if we had a rider who needed a horse with a lot of movement, Bob was the guy we could turn to. He easily fit into our summer programming as well, until he retired in mid-2021. Bob enjoyed hanging out with his herd of Apollo, Beau and Omni until he passed away in June of 2022.


Truman, a Hanovarian, was born in 1995. He was donated to us by Leslie Ward of the Saddle River Equestrian Center in 2016. Prior to coming to Winslow, he was a hunter/jumper and did jumping lessons at other locations. Known for his smooth and rhythmic movement, he was the perfect horse to learn how to trot and canter on. Truman was also very beginner-friendly and took care of his riders, as he helped riders gain confidence when it was time to go off-lead.It was often said that “Truman didn’t have a mean bone in his body”, and he spent six months of retirement with his friends Slippy and Zorro. Truman also passed away in June of 2022.


Buddy, a Belgian Draft, was born in 2000. He spent his time as a logging horse before Daniel Denman acquired him for driving carriages then donated him to Winslow in 2018. Buddy was the tallest horse Winslow has ever had, measuring at 18 hands. Known as our “gentle giant”, everyone was in awe of his size and wowed by his calm and sweet personality.  Most of our adults and taller children learned how ride on Buddy and considered him their “first horse”. He was always reliable when it came to keeping our riders safe, our volunteers comfortable and our instructors confident in the job he was needed to do. Buddy was the alpha member of his herd, which consisted of Yars, Skunk and Merlin, and spent his last days eating apples out of the hands of his visitors. Sadly, he passed away comfortably on Saturday, August 27th, 2022.


Zorro, a Flea-bitten Grey thoroughbred, was born in 1996. Standing 16 hands, he came to Winslow as a free lease from Nancy Stillman. He previously had careers in dressage and as a Canadian race horse. Many riders were awed by the tattoo of his racing ID number inside his upper lip, which he was happy to show off. Zorro served many clients during his 9 years at Winslow. Blind in his left eye, he didn’t let that slow him down at all. He greeted visitors with a quirky head tilt and ears perched forward in interest. An excellent lesson horse with smooth movement, Zorro was alsoa favorite of many riders and volunteers. He imparted so much wisdom and love onto us all, that his dark gray dapples turned white. He passed away on January 13, 2023 and we are forever grateful for the time we had with him.


Beau’s Kat Man, known as Beau here at Winslow, was born in 1996. Donated by Cricket Hill Farm in 2016, the chestnut sorrel Quarter Horse stood at 15.1 hands. Known for his smooth gait and rocking horse canter, he retired from riding work a few years ago to focus on unmounted lessons. Beau taught many children how to groom and care for horses, and was a regular part of our adult day program’s schedule, where they formed a strong bond with him while furthering their education in horsemanship. He regularly provided a window into his playful soul when he would gently nudge the kids looking for some love or nod his head yes to answer their many questions. He would bop us sweetly with his nose as we walked by or gallop over to the feed truck when he heard its arrival. Beau’s gentle spirit passed on April 9th, 2023 at age 30.


Merlin, a Clydesdale Thoroughbred Cross, was sired in 2001.  He came to Winslow after his owner, who absolutely adored him, passed away.  At 17 hands, his large personality fit his size.  He arrived around the same time as Buddy and the two became fast friends and herdmates.  A mischievous, oversize pony, Merlin loved riling up his friends in the paddock.   He loved to say “hi” to everyone that walked by his stall, and he was an expert pick-pocketer.  Merlin carried riders of all sizes, with or without disabilities and was extremely tolerant and supportive of  everyone who worked with him.  Merlin passed away unexpectedly on May 7th, 2023.  An excellent teammate to his human friends, his presence is greatly missed.


Miller, a Quarter horse and Percheron mix, came to Winslow from Kentucky.  He had been and trail horse, a therapy horse and he also babysat injured Thoroughbred babies before he arrived in March in 2023.   We were lucky enough to have had him with us for six months where he excelled as a mounted and unmounted therapy horse,  sharing his kind soul and steady feet. He lived out an amazing few months with his Winslow Family where he was spoiled and cared for unconditionally.  Unfortunately, past injuries became painfully troublesome and he passed away August 7th, 2023 with his favorite staff members by his side.