Day Trips

Scout Merit Badges

Looking to help your scouts earn their most EXCITING and REWARDING merit badge!? Well look no further than Winslow Therapeutic Center. Scouts enjoy learning about mounted and unmounted horsemanship skills through practical hands-on application of knowledge gained from Winslow’s experienced instructors through a variety of learning approaches. All scouts will have the opportunity to work with horses on the ground learning about topics such as grooming and caring for their horse, preparing their horse to ride (tacking), horse communication, and more. They will also participate in a basic group riding lesson learning how to move their horse forward, stop and steer their horse.  No experience necessary! For pricing and availability, please call (845) 986-6686.

Birthday Parties

Do you have a horse-crazy birthday kiddo!? Bring them and their friends to Winslow. No mess at home for you; throw the whole party at our house! Children will have the opportunity to join their friends in a group riding lesson, learning new skills together. Each child will also participate in unmounted horsemanship activities including learning how to groom and care for their horses, prepare their horses for riding, and more! We provide a classroom for you to decorate as you’d like, as well as chairs and tables for you to set up your food and drinks. No experience necessary! For pricing and availability, please call (845) 986-6686.

Looking for Something Different!? Winslow offers a number of different programs for adults and children alike! Click below to find out more about our unique programs!