Winslow’s Trail to Volunteering!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Winslow! In order to start volunteering with Winslow, all steps below must be completed.

Step 1:

Click HERE to fill out pre-requisites questionnaire. These are required qualities to become a volunteer at Winslow.

This must be completed PRIOR to signing up for an on-site orientation.

Step 2:

Click HERE to download and complete our Volunteer Application. This is required to be completed and submitted PRIOR to your on-site orientation.

Email completed application to:
or fax to: 845-988-5980

Step 3:

Click HERE to read our COVID-19 Safety Policy, then click HERE to download and complete your COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement form.

Email completed COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement to:
or fax to: 845-988-5980

Step 4:

If you have completed steps 1-3, click HERE to schedule yourself for the ON-SITE orientation date that best meets your availability.

All paperwork must be submitted, and the virtual orientation and review quiz must be completed prior to arriving for your ON-SITE orientation. The virtual orientation was a part of the on-site orientation in the past and took about 4 hours to do both. To be mindful of your valuable time we’ve made the classroom portion of orientation, virtual!

Paperwork, virtual orientation, and on-site orientation, are all REQUIRED to be completed before you can begin volunteering. The on-site orientation will assess your abilities to perform the tasks involved with volunteering at Winslow.

If you have questions, please email or call 845-986-6686 ext. 4

If you are volunteering at Winslow for community services hours, please note that orientation and trainings DO NOT count towards your service hours.