Winslow’s Incredible Teen Helpers

Winslow’s Incredible Teen Helpers (W.I.T.H.) are a group of youth who work together on a variety of projects outside of their everyday volunteering responsibilities. These incredible youth develop and execute small-scale fundraisers such as Winslow’s Hearts for Horses, Halloween Spooktacular, and Holiday Photos with the Horses! These are wonderful opportunities to develop their team-building and leadership skills to prepare them for being active members of society who make positive and impactful contributions.

They also assist and attend many of our other events throughout the year including the annual Duck Derby and Sunset at Winslow. Additionally, they represent our organization throughout the year at various events and trainings hosted by the Orange County Youth Bureau. Our W.I.T.H. group goes above and beyond dedicating many hours at Winslow and outside of Winslow. They represent our organization in the community and the nation!

If interested in finding out more information, please contact Stacy via email, or call (845) 986-6686.