‘The Dance’ (aka Dance) came to us from LexLin Gypsy Ranch in Tennessee through their Facebook Gypsy Gift contest in which 20 PATH Intl. Accredited Centers competed for most votes to be gifted a majestic Gypsy Vanner horse. With the overwhelming and deeply appreciated support from Winslow’s surrounding community, we were fortunate enough to receive Dance at the young age of 4-years old. Winslow is so grateful for all of the help from our community who took the time to continuously vote so that Dance could be the next addition to our herd. We would also like to thank LexLin Gypsy Ranch for their generosity and support of our cause.

With Dance joining our herd at such a young age, it gave us a strong advantage to mold her into an amazing therapy horse. After training and desensitizing, Dance joined our lesson programs. She works with riders of all levels and abilities, with patience and kindness. Dance has a youthful and contagious spirit; always exploring and trying to get the other mares to play with her in the paddock. She loves to be loved and to give love! Around the barn, you’ll hear her called by nicknames such as Dance Party and Dancey Pants due to her playful personality. From foal to youthful horse, you can view photos of The Dance below as she has grown up right before our eyes!

Gypsy Vanner horses are known for their small but sturdy size, originally bred to pull gypsy caravan carts. Considered a draft horse, they come in various colors but are easily identified by their long manes, tails, and the feathers on their legs down by the hoof. They are gentle in nature, showing a willingness to help and tranquility in their performance. Dance is a perfect display of all these characteristics. Starting out as a solid brown color as a foal, she grew into her first “splash” coat of brown/grey and has now settled into a grey/white splash coat with a beautiful mane and tail that features gold highlights. You will often find her mane braided for safety as it has grown almost down to her feet! When you look at her face, you can see her youth and spirit in her kind eyes.

LexLin Gypsy Ranch focuses specifically on the breeding of beautiful, high-quality Gypsy Vanner horses. Through their Gypsy Gift program, they donate to equine therapy programs throughout the country by hosting a Facebook voting contest. In addition to the Gypsy Gift program, they support a variety of causes and also sell and breed these beautiful horses. To find out more about LexLin Gypsy Ranch and Gypsy Vanner horses, visit https://www.gogypsy.com/