On April 16th, 2021, AAA Northeast visited Winslow’s facility to learn more about what we do here and also participate in a corporate day of service. After taking a tour of our facility and getting an up close and personal visit from our adorable Gypsy Vanner, Dance, the team spent a few hours inside re-painting our old signs from the sensory trail. These signs were faded and dirty, and in desperate need of a makeover! The AAA Northeast team also created some of their own signs which will also engage our riders throughout the property.

They made stoplights for our main intersection outside to help teach riders about taking turns and following rules and directions. Another sign created was one with hands up and down a long board which will be posted onto a tree in the woods. Did you know that horses are measured in hands? Now riders will be able to stop their horse alongside this board to see how tall their horse is! One of their team members worked with his daughter to make a new entrance sign for the trail as well, drawing out the Winslow logo just by looking at it!

Additionally, the AAA Northeast team replaced one of our sensory items that spiraled around a tree on the trail which had been dried out from the elements. Their sensory contribution included building a giant abacus out of pool noodles, which hangs from one tree to another and allows riders to move the noodles along a line while riding.

We cannot thank them enough for all the work they did to improve Winslow’s Sensory Trail! Some of our riders have tried out the abacus and really love the extra activity in their session. We cannot wait to post up the signs again and finish beautifying our trail. Thank you again AAA Northeast!