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When suicides outpace combat deaths, they have a problem. Last summer Trauma and Resiliency Resources (TRR) received a call from a Chaplain at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He had a situation. The combat infantry battalion he deployed to Iraq within 2007-08 took heavy casualties.

Since being home over the past 10 years, they have lost more than that number to suicide; two since his phone call.  TRR was asked for assistance, so TRR’s March 2018 Warrior Camp® Program is dedicated to this battalion, with recruitment of those identified as most at risk. This is a real honor and TRR plans to do its very best to stem this tide.

TRR’s Warrior Camp® program, specifically for active military and veterans of all eras, is designed to heal the trauma of war and Moral Injury, prevent suicide, enhance resilience, and support force preservation. The program, which begins in Warwick next week, is the second conducted in this community, brought back with the strong and ongoing support from the Warwick Conference Center and Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center in Warwick NY, the Warwick Valley VFW, and many local businesses. TRR’s Warrior Camp® is free to Military Veterans of all branches of service and all eras. The program combines specific therapy modalities in the context of community: twice-daily EMDR therapy, EAGALA-model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, yoga, narrative writing, and Native American sweat lodge.

The March program is TRR’s 11th and there have been no suicides post programs as well as a 99% program completion rate. Clinical data collected at the first nine programs has been accepted for publication in May 2018 by Military Medicine.   Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc. (TRR) is a 501c3 public charity based in New York. Its mission is to assist military veterans, first-responders, and other public service workers challenged by service-related and line-of-duty traumatic experiences.

For more information about TRR contact Erick Toribio at (855) 877-4968 or email