This evening talk and 1 day workshop with equine advocate and animal communicator Nicole Birkholzer is perfect for anyone who has a love of horses and a desire to better communicate with them.
Saturday evening March 4th  from 6:30 to 8pm Nicole will speak from the horses point of view. She will remind us why we love horses so much and what we can do to make our relationship with them more meaningful.  After the talk, Nicole will mindfully connect with the horses to get their input on individual and herd needs.  Observers welcome.
During the Sunday workshop on March 5th from 9-4:30pm Nicole will instruct on how to become a powerful listener as you see the world through the horses eyes.  Learn mindful tools that will transform and deepen your relationship with your (therapy) horse in an instant.  Gain new perspective and discover a world that goes far beyond any of the literature and training available.
To register call Winslow at 845-986-6686 or email us at