Winslow’s Halloween Spooktacular has quickly become very popular on Winslow’s event calendar. Hosted by our teen group WITH (Winslow’s Incredible Teen Helpers), this year’s event included a bake sale, pumpkin decorating, a horse parade, and trick-or-treating at the barn! Spooktacular featured Winslow horses dressed in various costumes to complement their handler’s costume. We saw lots of great ideas such as pirates, Dr. Seuss characters, a devil, pony shark, day of the dead, and more! After the horse parade, they headed out to their stalls to greet their trick-or-treaters with Halloween goodies. We are very thankful to Maskers Orchard who donated 20 pumpkins and a case of Apple Cider, the Kennedy family who donated a hefty amount of candy for trick-or-treat, everyone who provided for our bake sale, our amazing volunteers who came to dress up horses and help out, and of course our fantastic, supportive community!

All donations from this event helped us schedule an appointment with the saddle fitter to stop by and customize saddles for optimal health and performance of our herd. Because of the support of our wonderful and caring community, we are able to customize saddles for 6 of our 24 horses! Just like humans, horses change shape throughout their lifetime, not only as they grow but even as their weight and body confirmation change. Because of these constant changes, their saddles need to be re-fitted.

A well-fitting saddle allows our horses to move as naturally as possible when being ridden in addition to preserving their joints and removing unnecessary pressure in different areas of their body. Properly-fitting saddles also help our riders find their correct positioning on the horse, remain balanced, and much more. The benefits are countless and we cannot thank our supporters enough for giving us the opportunity to take care of our herd’s health and well-being.


Thank you again for all who came out to support Winslow’s Halloween Spooktacular! We had a blast sharing a fantastic night with you! Be sure to mark your calendars for our upcoming events.

Holiday photos with the Winslow horses – December 8, 2019
30th Annual Duck Derby – May 17, 2020