Please welcome to our herd, Charmin! Not pronounced like the brand, but just like the toilet paper bears, she is just as loveable! We call her Charm for short. This little 13 year-old Shetland mare has been a wonderful addition to the Winslow program. She is well-tempered and knows her name VERY well…as well as when it is time to eat! Watching her canter over to the feed pan is one of the cutest things we’ve seen around here. Charm has a fantastic, out-going personality and she loves people. Of course her best friend is Toni the pony and you can see the two of them side-by-side anywhere they go…it’s the cutest thing…it’s almost as if they are glued together when they walk in perfect synchrony.

She is trained for mounted riders and also to pull carriages (also known as driving). Our smallish riders love her and think it’s so entertaining when she trots – you will ALWAYS see them giggling away with the biggest smile as they balance themselves in their saddle. We are excited to see what more Charm will bring to our program and can’t wait to witness all the miracles that will happen along the way!