Meet Omnivore, or “Omni” as we call him here at Winslow. Omni is the newest member of our herd, coming to Winslow just before March of 2020, he is a 23 year-old, off-the-track thoroughbred with the sweetest temperament you will ever see. He also has experience as a fox hunter and in the pony club! Omni was generously donated to us from the Wiley family. He is without a doubt, the biggest teddy bear we have a Winslow! Omni loooooves to snuggle, he is extremely curious, and he always wants to be right in the action with you! At the stature of 15 hands, he is a great horse for anyone to learn on. Everyone who meets him, falls in love with him instantly! Welcome to Winslow, Omni!